Roy Chapman Ford applauds vandalism report

According to online insurance provider, the Ford Focus, is one of the cars least likely to be vandalised in the UK. The Ford Focus is positioned well outside of the top ten, published by the VV Index* (Vehicle Vandalism Index), with an index rating of just 1.88** compared to the Lexus IS, reported as the most vandalised car in Britain, with a rating of 5.56. The analysis found that high-end brands were consistently targeted more than any other and that ‘everyday’ cars such as Ford and Citroen were vandalised less often.

The insurance company analysed thousands of vandalism claims during 2010 for its 2011 Vehicle Vandalism Index (VV Index). The VV Index revealed that the top three ‘suspects’ are comprised of the Lexus IS (as above), followed by the BMW Z4 (4.75 rating) and Mini ONE (4.62 rating). In comparison, the Ford Fiesta has an index rating of 2.3 and the Ford Ka a rating of 1.5.

The Ford Focus, positioned significantly lower on the list, incorporates a number of both active and passive safety and security features designed to offer the owner driver greater confidence and reassurance. The Ford Focus also carries a 5 Star rating from the Euro-NCAP car safety performance assessment programme.

Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS)

Ford have incorporated many security features into the new Ford Focus range, including the Thatcham Category 1 approved alarm system and remote central double locking. All the locks are high-security, anti-burst and are shielded with strengthened mountings. For extra peace of mind, Ford’s patented Passive Anti-Theft System immobiliser disables the engine if your key isn’t in the ignition or if the sensors haven’t recognised it’s unique security code (if you are carrying it in your pocket or bag).


This is a convenient device that stops you having to search around for your keys. Even if your key is in your pocket or bag, the system will detect its presence and unlock the vehicle at a pull of the handle and de-activate the alarm. You can, of course, use the remote control buttons to open or lock the car if you prefer. Additionally, you can have the FordKeyFree-System programmed to unlock all of the vehicle doors at once, or just one.

Jeremy Chapman, Director for Roy Chapman Ltd, said “we’re delighted with these results and we hope the index will give some insight for customers when considering their next car.” Jeremy also gave these practical tips for helping to prevent vandalism and to protect one’s car, “if possible, park your car in the garage not on the street. If you can’t, use a motion-sensitive security light outside your house and don’t leave desirable objects such as sat-navs, keys, money, CD’s and items of clothing visible inside the car.”

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