Keep cool this summer with our air conditioning advice

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After a long and surprisingly snowy winter, it is finally time to start thinking about the summer and now is the time your air conditioning is most valuable to you. So we thought we would give our customers some handy advice and tips so you get the most from your air conditioning system.

  • Cool down your car quickly – If your car has been sat for any length of time on a hot day then it is going to be rather warm in there. Open all the windows for a moment to let the heat out, close them again and then turn your air conditioning on, making sure that the “recycle” button is on. Leave this on for five minutes. Turn off the recycle function and leave the air conditioning running.
  • Demist windows quickly – Turn the air distribution dial or switch to “windscreen” or “demist” . Place the temperature control switch to the “hot” position and then turn on the air conditioning.
  • Climate control – Do you have an “auto” button on your air conditioning controls? If so then you have climate control air conditioning. Just set the desired temperature and then press “auto” It will do the rest of the work for you. Simply set it and forget it!
  • Care advice – Whether it’s summer or winter make sure you run your air conditioning for at least 10 minutes every two weeks. This help increase the lifetime of it.

How to detect a faulty air con system:

  • Slow demisting
  • Irregular or slow production of cold air
  • Noise in the system
  • Poor distribution of cold air
  • Unpleasant odours

Air conditioning pipes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mould if condensation builds up from lack of use. This can be detected by a bad smell coming from the vents in the car, however it’s not just unpleasant odours you’ll have to suffer, you could also find your health affected with sore throats, sneezing and irritated eyes.

Air Conditioning Service

If you think that you may have a problem with your air conditioning then we can offer a range of air conditioning services from £59 for an air con check and re-gas or £89 for a full air conditioning check, service and re-gas. All of these include the usual FREE wash and vac and FREE visual health check of your car.

For more details email or call us on 01442 871234