Where you get your car serviced is your choice


If you have recently bought a new car, don’t forget that since 2003 you have been able to choose where you take your car for servicing, without invalidating your manufacturer’s warranty. We already save many of our customers a considerable amount of money as our labour rate is much lower than most main dealers. We […]

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Defective Tyres Responsible for Over 40 per cent of Accidents


When you jump into your car and you’re late for an important meeting or you’ve got to pick up the kids from school, how much thought do you give to the condition of your car? And we don’t mean the sweet wrappers, hair bands and other detritus which gets left in most people’s cars through […]

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Roy Chapman Ltd Ladies’ Confidence Evening


A Ladies’ Evening hosted on Thursday 19 May by all makes service and MOT centre, Roy Chapman Ltd, in Tring, Hertfordshire, has taught local women drivers the basics of car mechanics accompanied by personal self-protection advice from the local police, so that they are less likely to find themselves stranded and vulnerable by the roadside. […]

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Don’t Ignore The Warnings!


JCT 600 surveyed 1000 people during Car Safety Week to see how much people know about their cars and how often they carry out basic checks that even the more modern, most reliable cars still require. Here are some of the results: Worryingly, one in four aren’t sure how to check their car’s oil level […]

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Crash For Cash


Unfortunately, ‘crash for cash’ scams are in the news all the time. Only recently someone filmed an incident on the A41 bypass at Hemel Hempstead where, thankfully, no one was hurt and because of the dash cam fitted to their car, the person was able to report the incident to the police with full details […]

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Ladies’ Evening Planned at Roy Chapman Ltd


Tring – Women in Tring and surrounding areas are invited to a special free event being held at the all makes service centre, Roy Chapman Ltd, on Thursday 19 May to help increase confidence and safety behind the wheel. The event will take place from 7 – 9pm at the dealership on Western Road in […]

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Buy an Extra Easter Egg and Help a Less Fortunate Child


The Mix96 Easter Egg Appeal is back for 2016! Yet again Mix96 is collecting Easter eggs for children around Buckinghamshire who may not be getting one, and Roy Chapman Ltd is delighted to support them! All you need to do is buy an extra Easter egg and drop it off at our garage in Tring […]

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Car Maintenance with Good Housekeeping Magazine


If you’ve seen the March edition of the Good Housekeeping magazine, you might also have seen the car maintenance tips on page 65 from our very own Vicky Kempton, who was previously involved with the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) female campaign alongside BBC Formula 1 presenter Suzi Perry. If you didn’t get to […]

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Servicing Your Mazda


We have recently been made aware by a number of customers that Mazda has sent a letter out saying that Roy Chapman Ltd is unable to service your car. Whilst we are no longer an Authorised Repairer and therefore unable to carry out any warranty work or recalls, we are still a recognised service centre. As […]

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Winter Driving Tips


1. Turn your windscreen wipers to the off position when you park at night. That way, when you start the engine in the morning, the wipers won’t start automatically. If there’s a heavy frost or snow you’re at risk of blowing a fuse, damaging the wiper blades or worst case, burning out the wiper motor. […]

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