Looking after your car

Everything works better if we look after it, right? This month we bring you some basic tips for what you can do to look after your car in between servicing and MOTs:

Keep the tyres inflated properly – Check the pressure regularly, especially before long journeys. Refer to your vehicle handbook for details of the correct tyre pressures based on the number of people in the car.

Use the handbrake – When parked on an incline or in traffic, use the handbrake to help keep the rear brakes adjusted and make them last longer.

Check the fluids – Check coolant, windscreen washer and oil levels regularly and top up as required. Again, your vehicle handbook can help with the details or give us a call if you’re not sure.

Run the engine correctly – When the engine is cold, drive off gently, to reduce strain on the engine and improve fuel economy. Avoid sudden braking and accelerating to help prolong the life of your engine.

Look after the bodywork – Take care not to drop the sponge when washing your car, picking up grit could scratch the bodywork.

If you experience any squeaks or rattles, then call in the experts!