The Benefits of Changing to Winter Tyres

We want to help local motorists keep moving this winter, whatever the weather has in store for us!

Unfamiliar to most of us, due to the traditionally mild weather in the UK, tyre technology has advanced significantly over the years due to demand from other parts of the world that suffer extremes of temperature.

The last Met Office report (Average Winter Weather 1971-2000) stated that most of the UK has an average temperature of less than 7°C for the period December to February and a minimum temperature of below 3°C.  The next update is due 2012.

However, our last two winters have seen many people struggling to get out of their drives and roads.  Winter tyres look like normal tyres but perform differently.  Below 7°C winter tyres give significant safety advantages in wet and icy conditions, with enhanced grip and braking up to 8m shorter than a standard tyre at 30mph (35m versus 43m in length).  Source: Continental Tyres from a test of their winter tyres compared to their summer tyres.

Jeremy Chapman, Director, said “We have already received a number of enquiries from people wanting to order their winter tyres and some will have to wait until mid-November for certain sizes.  Popular sizes are already becoming in short supply.”

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter!  Call us for details on tel: 01442 871234 or email