All-new Ford Focus ST cast as lead car in The Sweeney Movie

Ford Focus ST

Ford’s first global performance car will take centre stage this year with a starring role in new film blockbuster The Sweeney.

Flying Squad detectives Jack Regan (Ray Winstone) and George Carter (Ben Drew aka Plan B) will lead a cast of crime-busting officers as they give chase to London’s criminals in black Ford Focus ST hot hatchbacks. Thanks to the Ford Focus ST’s 2.0-litre 250PS four-cylinder EcoBoost engine and explosive acceleration, the criminals will always struggle to make a clean getaway!

Director and co-writer Nick Love, whose prior films include The Football Factory and The Firm, said: “It was important for me to collaborate with Ford on The Sweeney as their legacy with the original TV show is so strong – they’re the perfect partner. I like the Ford Focus ST so much, I want one!”

Ford’s strong link with the 1970s Sweeney TV series saw Regan, Carter and their Flying Squad colleagues using a string of Ford Granadas, Consuls and Cortinas to make the streets of London a safer place.

Set in modern day England, The Sweeney movie also features Hayley Atwell (from Captain America), Damien Lewis (The Escapist), Steven Mackintosh (Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans) and Paul Anderson (The Firm).

The all new Focus ST will go sale in the UK in the summer, followed by the film premiere in September.

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