Keeping young (and old) kids entertained during long journeys

With all the bank holidays coming up and the rapidly approaching six week summer break, you’re bound to take some day trips with your family in the car, or perhaps into foreign territory!

Below we provide some simple ideas (not including in-car DVD’s) for keeping young (and old) kids entertained during long journeys:

  1. Granny went to market – A simple memory game where players take it in turns to recount granny’s shopping list and add a new item as you go round. Each player starts the list with ‘Granny went to market and bought…’ and every time play passes to the next person a new item needs to be added.
  2. I-Spy – A new take on an old classic!  I spy with my little eye something beginning with… green. It’s easier for the younger ones as well as helping them learn letters and colours.
  3. Know your ABC’s? Play the alphabet game!  Choose a category, such as a girl’s name or perhaps a film or even a flower.  One person starts with ‘A’ and says a name – Alison – the next person says B for Betty and so on.
  4. Spot the elephant – Prepare a list in advance, with your family’s help, of landmarks, certain road signs, wildlife, types of cars in a row.  And why not include the number of happy truckers, to see who waves back!
  5. Word games – make up words using the last three letters on number plates you can see.  And, of course, you can always test your CARS knowledge of Lightning McQueen, Mater, Ramone and more!

And finally, fill some plastic boxes with a selection of healthy snacks and treats, drinks, activity books, colouring pencils, stickers and books.  Blankets and pillows to keep them comfy and help them fall asleep are also a bonus!

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