Do you enjoy the many benefits of driving an environmentally friendly vehicle?

Lowering the cost of ownership on our vehicles has never been more important.  In addition to enjoying more miles to the gallon, conserving battery power and engine saving modes, lower car insurance, reduced congestion charging, cheaper road tax (sometimes a little as £0) and other tax breaks such as BIK and capital allowances; London Midland are rewarding rail passengers with environmentally-friendly cars using their car parks with an amazing 50-100% discount on parking. Visit their website for details.

Moreover, call us today to talk about Ford’s exciting cutting-edge eco-technology and find out how EcoBoost, ECOnetic and BEV can benefit both your pocket and the environment:

  • EcoBoost – Our new family of technologically advanced EcoBoost petrol engines reduce fuel consumption, and lower CO2 emissions.
  • ECOnetic – The second generation Focus ECOnetic builds on our approach to create cars that are as fuel efficient as possible today, without compromising the driving experience.
  • Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) – Our prototype battery electric Focus represents a huge leap forward for zero emission and ultra-low carbon cars.

Of course all benefits are subject to the type of vehicle.