Free catalytic converter marking for drivers in the Berkhamsted area

Local garage Roy Chapman Ltd, is working with Hertfordshire Constabulary to offer drivers of diesel vehicles free catalytic converter marking.










The theft of catalytic converters has been one type of crime that has been rising, due to the high price of metal in recent years.  Marking the converters makes it much easier for the police to trace where stolen units came from, and therefore makes them much less appealing to would-be thieves.

Roy Chapman Ltd has kindly agreed to provide the marking service free of charge from Wednesday March 13th.  The garage will also be able to mark catalytic converters fitted to diesel engine, light commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of up to 3.5 tonnes.

Anyone interested should call the garage in advance to arrange an appointment; the marking only takes about 10 minutes.  Tune in to Radio Dacorum on Tuesday 12 March from 8.30am to hear more from Jeremy Chapman, Aftersales Director, about the event.  Radio Dacorum will also be broadcasting live from the Roy Chapman Ltd showroom from 12 until 3pm on Wednesday 13 March.

Inspector Paul Lawrence of the Crime Reduction Unit said: “The thieves have been targeting catalytic converters, in the Dacorum area, particularly from diesel vans, over the last couple of months, because these units contain precious metals and can be relatively easy to remove.

“Marking the converters makes them much less appealing to thieves, as they can easily be traced back to where they were stolen from.  We are now working with reputable scrap metal dealers across the county who routinely record who they buy metal from, so we have a good chance of catching the person that stole the unit.”

Jeremy Chapman said, “We are delighted to work with the constabulary again, following our joint anti-theft index plate campaign in 2012. We are keen to help both the local community and support the local police in this way. Raising awareness of motoring-related crimes via our events will assist both.”

For further information and to book your appointment, please contact: Jeremy Chapman, Aftersales Director, on tel: 01442 871234 or send an email to: