Don’t Ignore The Warnings!

16-03-31-warning-lights-horizontalJCT 600 surveyed 1000 people during Car Safety Week to see how much people know about their cars and how often they carry out basic checks that even the more modern, most reliable cars still require. Here are some of the results:

Worryingly, one in four aren’t sure how to check their car’s oil level and nearly half don’t know how to check their tyre tread depth.

More worryingly, 63 percent said they didn’t know what the brake warning light symbol meant.

Of the 63 percent, 4.2 percent thought it meant push the foot brake, 6.5 per cent said to restart the engine and hope it cleared itself and 17.4 percent thought it meant top up the oil. Thankfully only 1.3 percent thought it meant continue your journey as normal!

Money saving brand also carried out a study that revealed two-thirds of UK drivers ignore warning signs that something is not right with their vehicle. According to the results, the engine management light coming on, odd noises underneath the car and problems with wheel alignment are the most common issues being ignored. The study also suggested that garage bills are increased by £500 due to this ignorance making issues worse.

The Head of Operations at said “A car is one of the few things you should listen to at all times. It’s not just a means to get you from point A to point B, it’s a huge metal monster: something small could have disastrous consequences for yourself and others—it’s not worth taking the risk.”

Whilst we are sure that most of our customers don’t fall into the worst of these categories, we are able to offer a range of services from basic checking of your lights and levels to diagnostic checks for any engine lights that have appeared. Regular servicing of your vehicle is essential. Even if you are a low mileage driver your car should at least have an oil and filter change each year to ensure its smooth running. We offer an oil and filter change from as little as £79.*

Please come in and see us if you have any worries about the way your car is running or if you would like a quote for a service.

*For a car using 4 litres of 5W/30.