Get Ready for Summer

For the majority of us, Summer is a time to look forward to, to enjoy the beautiful weather (well hopefully!) along with barbecues and summer sports. But for some of us it also brings the misery of high pollen counts.

We all enjoy the benefits of air conditioning in our cars allowing us to keep cool on a hot sunny day but, if you are a sufferer of hayfever or allergies generally, then aircon also brings very important health benefits of filtering airborne particles including pollen and allowing you to breathe clean air.

The air conditioning system in your car condenses cold air (so it works like a radiator) and acts as a filter, pumping liquid gas through the system, thereby creating a cold air intake through the air vents. If the air conditioning system in your car is not functioning as it should, then it cannot deliver its benefits effectively.

Those benefits include:

  • clean, pollen-free cooled air
  • an odour-free atmosphere
  • dehumidifies to avoid steamed-up windows

Book your car in today for either an air-conditioning recharge (re-gas) for just £29 or a full air-conditioning service for £69. If you combine it with an MOT or Service at Roy Chapman Ltd, you can get a re-gas for half price with one of our local adverts. Just keep an eye out in the local magazines to grab your voucher.