How can I look after my car engine?

Follow our simple care and maintenance tips to keep your car engine running smoothly.  And, of course, it goes without saying, please adhere to the recommended service intervals.  You can find out more about servicing with Roy Chapman Ltd here.


  • Modern technology means that it’s not really necessary to run-in a new engine.  However, if you’ve just taken delivery of a new car, we still recommend that you take a look at the owner’s manual for advice on what to do for the first month of two.  Generally items covered will be:
    • Light to medium acceleration
    • Frequent gear changes
    • Use of the handbrake whilst stationery
    • Avoidance of particularly heavy loads, putting undue strain on the engine

Everyday care

  • Try to avoid accelerating too quickly from start – the most wear on an engine occurs within the first 10-20 minutes when its cold
  • Shift into neutral when stopped at red traffic lights


  • Fill up your car with the recommended fuel before it’s on empty.  Running on fumes will only stir and suck-up sediment from the bottom of the tank
  • This is especially important with diesel engines, which should never be run ‘on the red’

Oil and fluid levels

  • Maintain the recommended oil types and ensure fluid levels are topped up.  Again, reference to a previous question here will help you
  • We recommend that you check your oil monthly or every 1000 miles
  • If the oil warning light on your dashboard comes on, stop the car as soon as it is safe to do so and call us, or your roadside assistance.  A red oil warning light is not an advance warning; it means that the oil in your car has run out.  Ignoring the oil warning light could mean a costly new engine.

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